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  • EOI Open for CDP Consultative Group Members

    To assist with community consultation, CYE is establishing CDP Consultative Groups in Aurukun, Coen and Lockhart River in March and April of 2020 to assist with a more coordinated approach to Community Engagement within each of our communities. This will allow CYE and each local group to work effectively within their respective community and make sure that CDP activities generate positive outcomes, such as to the elderly or youth, LGBTI, increase school attendance, improve local facilities or support local events and festivals.

    CDP Consultative Groups will provide CYE staff with advice on:

    • Co-design of community and economic development activities to ensure better alignment with local priorities and linkages with cultural activities;
    • Identification of local projects that CDP can support;
    • Identification of local work experience opportunities;
    • Identification of training opportunities to ensure activities are meaningful for CDP participants;
    • Community support for proposals under the Capital Investment Fund.
    • Identification of emerging and future economic and community development activities.

    CDP Consultative Group Powers

    It is important to understand that CDP Consultative Group does not have powers to make binding decisions regarding CDP activities. To maximise community support for CDP activities, it is important to ensure that CDP Consultative Groups include a diverse set of representatives from within a community and those on the boards understand their roles, limitations and the capacity of CDP available to them under the guidelines.

    CDP Consultative Group Establishment

    Appointment to the CDP Consultative Group will undergo a formal procedure during June of 2020 including:

    • Member identification process including providing information to the candidate for their understanding and agreement on Terms of Reference
    • Invitation to shortlisted members to apply which will include:
    • Agreement to the Terms of Reference
    • Agreement to participate including use of CYE 24/7 Engagement App
    • Completion of application form, Register of Interests and agreement form
    • Formal appointment of members including the CYE 24/7 Engagement App;

    An initial CDP Consultative Group meeting that will include a workshop on:

    • Overview of the Community Development Program
    • Terms of Reference of the CDP Consultative Group
    • General governance including roles and responsibilities of members, meeting procedures, meeting actions. limitations and expectations.
    • Overview of the role of the CYE 24/7 Engagement App and their involvement
    • Commencement of Group operations.
    • Proposed Community Representatives

    CDP Consultative Group Members

    CDP Consultative Groups will be made up of between 9 and 13 members to ensure the effective ability to operate.

    • Community elders and representation from Clan Groups
    • CDP Participants - 1 male and 1 female
    • Youth representative/Youth Justice
    • Council - Senior staff member or Councillor with Portfolio responsibility for employment and economic development
    • Regional Business or large employer
    • Community Organisation
    • School/Education
    • Disability/Health Representative
    • LGBTI Representative

    To apply to become a member of a CDP Consultative Group in your community please complete the application form HERE.


Project Highlights

Kenneth Pootchemunka Aurukun 18032021.jpgKENNETH POOTCHEMUNKA

Kenneth Pootchemunka has been actively attending his activity in Aurukun, being one of the first people on site and working back to complete the chair below for his daughter. The use of power tools and hand tools to complete this chair has given Kenneth the confidence to approach one of our local contractors for employment. Kenneth was very proud when he came into the office to inform CYE of this employment opportunity and to tell us that he felt like a proud dad when he saw his daughter's face after he handed her the chair. - 18/03/2021





Kiki Activity 17022021 new snake pads.jpgAURUKUN SNAKE GAURDS

The guys in Aurukun have been struggling with the elements, the rain has been torrential, the heat has been unbearable and now the grass is 6ft tall, around the community. All of this has led to safety concerns within Aurukun. Families are struggling to maintain yards and snakes (Taipans) are being found around and inside houses that they reside. Cape York Employment has recognised this as an issue and have purchased new lawn mowers and Whipper Snippers to combat the ongoing concerns of the community. Due to the length of the grass, our participants engaged in this activity were constantly being confronted by snakes, so as soon as this was highlighted to us, we swiftly acted on purchasing anti bite snake guards. Some of the more willing and photogenic participants below are modelling them for you all to see. - 18/02/2021



Dreamtime Aurukun 7.jpgDREAM TIME SOLUTIONS

Cape York Employment have subcontracted Dreamtime Solutions to deliver a Horticulture and Healthy Lifestyle Workshop in the remote community of Aurukun. In under two weeks Dreamtime Solutions has been able to lift the engagement of the female activity by having the ladies engaged in creating their own sustainable community garden. Not only is Dreamtime Solutions working on increasing the community’s engagement, they are building and strengthening their rapport with stakeholders in community. Renee Schoder the Director of Dreamtime Solutions has visited the community and been hands on planting out the community gardens with the ladies in Aurukun. The ladies engaged in the program have shown appreciation to Renee in attendance and have stated that they are keen to have a community garden in which they can cook healthy meals                                                                                              from. - 10/02/2021


The ongoing relationship between the Aurukun Shire Council and Cape York Employment is strengthening each day with more pathways to employment for community members than ever before. A prime example of this is 18-year-old Kayoka George from Aurukun. Kayoka completed Year 11 and has been eagerly awaiting training opportunities within Aurukun to upskill herself into full-time employment. She approached both the Aurukun Shire Council and Cape York Employment when the Indigenous VET funding became available for the Food Handling Course at the Chivaree Aged Care Centre. Kayoka expressed an interest in being trained in the safest way to handle, prepare and serve food. 
Cape York Employment assisted Kayoka in obtaining the ID required to acquire a Unique Student Identifier, as well as the correct personal protective equipment essential to complete the training. Kayoka benefited from funding available through the Aurukun Shire Council and undertook a three-day course with an accredited trainer to complete this certificate. Congratulations, Kayoka! - 14/01/2021

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